Got Dead Space? 

Let inMotion Fill It


Do you have open space on your walls, in your stores, in your lobby or other waiting area that is underutilized or not utilized at all? Let inMotion help you optimize your environment, attract potential clients, and entertain current customers.




Revive Your Space


A high-end outdoor retailer and inMotion client had a desire to maximize participation in their brand activities. These events included: kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding, fly-fishing, archery, hiking, and many more.


Within their stores, inMotion installed displays at the point of purchase locations, playing promotion footage highlighting the activities and the brand and noting when and where participation would be possible. inMotion combined the footage with an interactive, location-based event calendar and placed the displays at strategic points within retail environment.


inMotion software quickly and easily accesses the event data and refreshes that data on a daily basis.  Armed with this newly displayed information, customers could then visit the website, sign up for one or more of the events, then participate firsthand in the events with the retailer’s overall goal that they return to the store to gear up for more.


inMotion can help you reinvigorate space with immersive, interactive digital signage on a multitude of platforms – combining product data, brand video, social media and more.  inMotion’s popular low-maintenance displays designed to run continuously, showcasing any combination of product details and in-stock availability. Touch-display experiences, RFID-triggered experiences, video wall installations, and even projection – inMotion can and has done it all.


If you’re ready to bring your store, lobby, or other place of business back to life, contact us today.