Be Like LuluLemon

At RFID Journal Live 2017, LuluLemon received the “Best Retail RFID Implementation” for using RFID technology to improve supply chain and store operations.


More specifically, LuluLemon increased inventory accuracy and visibility as well as improved customer experience. In addition, they utilized RFID to create an advanced easy-pay system that synced brick-and-mortar and digital purchases/online pick-up.

The biggest goal for the brand was better inventory management through in-store locationing in all 300 of its North American stores.


Unified Commerce


Understanding the location of every item in retail opens new doors.  LuluLemon knows - if it is not on the shelf, you can't sell it, and the Inmotion always-on inventory system ensures that the information about “out of stocks” is immediate, and low stock alerts are fast and accurate.  


Moreover, assisting customers through accurate real-time wayfinding enhances store experience, and RFID enables retail to take advantage of speed and efficiency. Inmotion is at the forefront of express and assisted check-out systems using RFID in-person and online.


 Inmotion can help you get the right product to the right person at the right time – every time – and sync the digital with the physical for the ultimate inventory solution.


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