Digital Signage in Education: Back to School Technology

Education currently ranks in the top 10 fastest growing digital signage markets, illustrating that students are becoming harder to reach with more traditional methods of information dispersal.


Without digital signage, academic institutions struggle to communicate with an almost entirely digital generation. In order to provide stimulating, dynamic content and to meet information requirements of students, parents, teachers and other faculty, facilities are moving away from cluttered bulletin boards and lunchroom flyers.



1. Cut Costs


·         Remove costly printing procedures and drastically reduce the use of paper, toner and other printing equipment and supplies. Plus, advertising school and local events becomes completely free using the in-house system.


2. Increase Learning


·         Appeal to the senses of digital natives and enhance lectures and lessons in any subject. Non-traditional methodology and visual stimulation are proven to increase retention and support brain activity.


3. Communicate Quickly


·         Disseminate time sensitive information, like lunch menus or sudden building repairs, to reach staff, visitors, and students instantaneously, especially within larger intuitions with multiple buildings and corridors.


4. Sharpen Image


·         Create a memorable first impression for potentials parents, students and employees and illustrate technological competence by showcasing star pupils, school achievements and more.


5. Secure Safety


·         Emergency bulletins, such as those in the event of a fire, can be displayed on digital signage. The system can also serve as a directional guidance platform to help with speedy exits and accurate locationing.


6. Promote & profit


·         Harness the opportunity to rent out strategic displays for approved products and services to generate ROI or to make extra income.


Lessons in Digital Signage with Inmotion


Whether a single display or a multi-location network of displays, Inmotion can assist you in developing and implementing smart digital signage that represents your school and engages your students and staff.


The writings and images displayed can be controlled, edited, updated and changed remotely, ensuring the latest and most effective pieces are front and center. These can be programmed to play on a loop or respond to a variety of human interaction. Our technical experts will help you optimize your digital signage presence and the message you present to viewers.


Digital signage products like screens and projection systems will be paired with content that accurately reflects your message and goals to maximize engagement and reception. Inmotion’s digital signage system has been developed to be scalable, easy to deploy, and intuitive with built-in tech support for any level of complexity and any budget.


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