Expert Equipment Tracking for Military & Law Enforcement Agencies

Socks are just one example of the items tagged in four Latin American countries utilizing an Inmotion solution. By tagging socks, clothing items and other equipment, their local governments are able to quickly and easily identify military and law enforcement personnel and track their uniforms. In fact, there are over 200,000 RFID tagged uniform items in these countries alone.

The Toronto Post reported that the Canadian National Defense lost uniforms and equipment valued over $1.5 million in 2014 alone – resulting in significant cost and potential security risks.


equipment tracking


There are multiple benefits of implementing the Inmotion Personnel Verification System.  Uniform items such as hats, shirts, coats, and pants are tagged with a specialized RFID laundry tag and associated to a particular soldier for enhanced tracking and verification purposes.  The personnel, tagged items, and supporting data are loaded in the Inmotion system.

Using RFID technology and any number of antenna and portal combinations, personnel are identified when in the range of the UHF RFID read (up to 20 feet).  Uniform inventory is accurately assessed by knowing which items are assigned to each individual, and RFID-based access control functionality can be added as well.

The RFID laundry tag technology is readily available and inexpensive when you consider the cost of the tag in relation to its durability. The tag has been tested in real-world laundries for over 200 cycles - possibly lasting longer than the item itself. 

Inmotion Personnel Verification is a comprehensive system for verifying the credentials of military and police forces to provide instant access to critical user information at key locations. To learn more about our expert equipment tracking or to request a free demonstration, contact us today.


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