RAIN RFID: Seven Applications You’ve Probably Already Used & Don’t Know It

RAIN RFID, designed by Impinj, connects everyday items to the internet with effortless, wireless technology to connect the physical with the digital. Even if the names do not sound familiar, you’ve likely interacted with at least one of their tracking applications.


1. Do you fly Delta Airlines?


RAIN tracks baggage at 344 locations across the globe. That’s 120 million bags each year at an accuracy rate of 99.9%, all with hands-free scanning and live updates via mobile app.


2. Have you changed in a smart fitting room?


RAIN, with the help of Inmotion, enhances the customer experience of several brands by providing fast, simple access to product information like size and color availability as well as smart mirrors that can help you accessorize and purchase.


3. Are you an on-demand delivery customer?


RAIN RFID helps to deliver goods and meals in less than an hour in several major metropolitan areas.


4. Did you undergo surgery lately?


A number of medical facilities in the southeast United States have deployed smart disposal systems in operating rooms to track inventory use and disposal in an effort to be better prepared for procedures and to bill patients more accurately.


5. Do you like sushi?


Several sushi restaurants in the northwest United States have embraced the trend of “conveyor-belt sushi,” which rotates carefully around the restaurant. RFID tech in the plates ensure that the sushi doesn’t circulate too long and lose freshness, that the most popular dishes are continuously crafted by the chefs, and that each customer tab is correct.


6. Have you crossed a border recently?


Both the Mexican and Canadian borders as well as several United States’ borders utilize “Enhanced Drivers’ Licenses, embedded with RAIN technology to eliminate the need for a passport or other identifying documentation.


7. Do you drink Coca-Cola?


The Coke Freestyle machine found at many restaurants around the world uses RAIN RFID to monitor over 12 million user transactions a day and provide updates on dispenser operation and product consumption data so that the soda machine never runs dry.  Coke has even used EDP’s inMotion tracking in home refrigerators.


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