Successful Digital Signage Installation – Three Tips

Whether placed in a retail environment, a venue, or another type of business, digital signage can provide informative, engaging, and entertaining content for visitors and customers.


In creating a memorable experience for potential clients, digital signage should deliver a message, delight the senses, and extend not only brand awareness but also time spent with that brand.





How can all of this be accomplished?


1. Brightness Control


·         Ensuring versatile display content is essential. Providing images and text that are visible and viewable in varying degrees of lighting or creating a variety of content packages for display at different times of day, for example, guarantees consumers will be attracted to and will be able to explore your brand story without glare or other shading problems.


2. Color Management


·         Blur and over saturation are off-putting to visitors. Cementing your RGB settings on your display equipment can assist in preventing this. Distributing a color-match booklet to on-site employees and technical teams also serves as a helpful resource.


3. Uniformity Enforcement


·         Vastly differing digital signage displays for a single brand can be confusing – distorting the message and obscuring the customer experience. Presenting a clear story with up-to-date logos and products or services will prove the most enanging and memorable in the long-term.


Whether a single display or a multi-location network of displays, Inmotion can assist you in developing and implementing smart digital signage that represents your brand-story and engages the consumer.


The writings and images displayed can be controlled, edited, updated and changed remotely, ensuring the latest and most effective pieces are front and center. These can be programmed to play on a loop or respond to a variety of human interaction. Our technical experts will help you optimize your digital signage presence and the message you present to viewers with enhancements like real-time web content and mobile-device linkage.


Inmotion has decades of experience providing equipment and tailoring content for some of the largest and most well-recognized American brands. Inmotion’s digital signage system has been developed to be scalable, easy to deploy, and intuitive with built-in tech support for any level of complexity. From idea to install, Inmotion can help. Contact us today.


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